Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Petition has been modified + SOLI SORABJEE will be our guiding light! :)

As a sign of respect to many, many of our members who felt the death sentence for rape was not justified - no matter what the crime - we do not have the right to take lives.

Agreed! So we modified our petition - calling for a radical change in Indian rape laws that included death sentence for rapists.

BUT we've got to make ANY man in this country think a HUNDRED times before raping anybody. So folks we've settled for "LIFE IMPRISONMENT" and NO, we're not going below that! No matter what your argument.

Now, here's a better part of this blog post - Soli Sorabjee, the former attorney general of India will be our guiding light. Helping us fine tune our anti-rape petition, and make our case stronger before presenting it to the law commission.

It's an honour to have Mr.Sorabjee aboard. Click on the link to know more about his work and position and you'll understand why.

While we're not there yet, we can't stop celebrating our first flush of success in our call for a radical change of India's rape laws.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sign our petition for harsher punishment against rape. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

At Fight Back, we want Rape to be taken seriously. VERY SERIOUSLY.
Along with greater sensitization, at various levels - schools, colleges, social groups - we're pushing for harsher punishment for perpetrators of Rape. We want Rape to be removed from the Casual domain! We want those who think they can get away with vicitimising a woman for life to NOT get away with it.

Our belief - Death Penalty for Rape - is supported by our 2000+ Fight Back members, as well as intelligent icons like Smriti Irnani. We also have youth heroes like VJ Ranvijay telling youngsters that its not 'cool' to eve tease, molest or rape!

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Sign the petition. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!