Friday, April 17, 2009

Have you been raped yet?

We have said in the past, that Indians are Democratic about Rape. And we're inclined to think, for some reason, that white women don't mind being raped! Sadly, 'Athithi Devo Bhava' has just turned into a meaningless cliche!

Zubin (the founder of Fightback, for the uninitiated) sent out this impassioned message to all our members on Facebook.
A strong message which I thought I must share with our blog followers -

Rape seems to be the new launguage of 'superpower' India.

In a country tripping on jingoism and a false sense of grandeur, every rape we endure is a deadly hit in the groin for India. One of the rapists of the US citizen studying at TISS said that "he hid not expect her to complain..." , he evinced surprise that she bothered to file a case against him. Is this testimony of his insanity and brutality...or ours, for having created him?

We rape when we riot. We rape babies, little girls and boys. We rape old women, young women and every available visitor to india. We rape mentally challenged children.

Are we going to allow rape to become the dominant discourse of modern India....the right to plunder, maim and hurt at will? Why are we allowing this to become a permanent fixture in our DNA?

I personally believe rapists should be castrated. They should be then sent to jail for years and someone should throw away the key. Rapists need to be punished very seriously and potential rapists need to become scared shitless of even thinking of rape.

How can we do this?

1. Lets start a movement for tougher laws for rape? Can we aim for the death penalty? Can we look at life imprisonment?

2. Can we make sure some of us pursue the cases against rapists and see them go to jail? Venting on facebook is usless, lets track real time cases? Any volunteers?

3. Gender sensitization in schools & colleges. Can we create a module together? any volunteers?

lets get moving people, you could get raped next.

FB Team

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Anonymous said...

yes ..many times...according to psychological definition of rape.

i am male 28 ..

Pravin said...

Death penalty should be enforced upon offenders.

Phoenix Rises said...

I think solitary confinement would be the best punishment. Death is too easy. Rapists should be made to suffer for the rest of their lives by keeping them away from all social contact.

Zeba Talkhani said...

Should be stoned to death. Just like the Sharia law states.

Below is the link regarding the Femina Campaign and why it is necessary.

er.amitthakur said...
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