Monday, November 3, 2008

The Predictability of the Kandhamal Rape

Are men “wired” to just rape given an opportunity? I know it sounds absurd but how else can you explain the rape of millions of women across the world in times of crisis.

During the end of the World War II, 2 million German women are said to have been raped by the Soviets and the allied forces. "A Woman in Berlin" is a new movie based on this .

Here’s another feature on the crimes against women in Congo, where a raging civil war is destroying the country:
Recently, Indian Peacekeeping forces deployed in Congo have been accused of sexually abusing the women there.

Rape has been used as a weapon in times of crisis across the world, rape is not just a consequence of violence but is consciously used as a strategy.
Amnesty International has a detailed report on this

Various events in India’s past and present are testimony to this. Women have been raped during the partition era. This is also true of the ongoing caste wars in our villages where “untouchable” Dalit women are raped. This is true of the Godhra Carnage; this is true of the most recent Kandhamal Violence, where a nun was raped by Hindu Fundamentalists. Where a man from the mob screamed "At least a hundred men should rape her" while the police, allegedly, looked the other way.

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