Saturday, November 22, 2008

They know the city ain't what it used to be!

Last night I was getting back home at about 2 a.m. in a cab. From Colaba to Worli, in Mumbai. Am a city girl and I have nothing to worry, right?
Just then a government car passes my cab, slows down and stops. A constable with a notepad in hand, gets off and stops us. He comes towards us and takes my name and number, asks me where I live and makes a note of it.
I asked him what he needed this info for but he didn't answer. I wasn't doing anything wrong so I wasn't nervous one bit, I insisted. Finally he relented and said, "Sir, (an IPS officer) in the car asked him to do so, just wanted to ensure the cabwallah would take me home, safe and sound.
I tried to be polite and thank him but I couldn't help smirking!

Like us, they know the city really ain't what it used to be.
Should we be afraid? Am I being stupid coming home that late by myself?
Reminds me, what's happening to the Sowmya Vishwanathan Case?

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Anjali said...

Hello Fight Back club'

It was good to see the entusiasm, abt all the topics associated with women.I hv reag tall the blogs with various comments.

point 1. All the men are not bad.
point 2. Allhuman beings take advantage of others, it makes no difference if one is a man or a women
Point3 Women also take advantage
of situations, I hv seen many women getting promotions with no qualifications, and they do not have to put in the hard work.
point 4. Drinking, smoking are bad whether girl or boy. must have a sensible outlook and not just make it a case of gender bais.What is considered bad is bad fr eveybody, do your parents say go ahead drink and smoke, it is very good....