Monday, November 3, 2008

"You should not be so adventurous…"

Every member of Fight-Back should strongly oppose the very irresponsible statement made by the Delhi CM in connection with the murder of Soumya Visvanathan. Not only is it a ratification of a stupid cultural stereotype but it also reflects the total apathy of the governing system in our country. Instead of constructive engagement, we are presented with regressive thinking. This is in the same bracket as common cliches like " You deserved to be eve teased, you wore a short skirt.." ...or "You were asking to be raped" ...

It also reinforces Delhi's unholy reputation of being the anti-woman capital of India. Even the most powerful woman in Delhi thinks that Delhi is an unsafe space, the system believes the status quo is overwhelming. We can only guard ourselves against gender violence, we cannot fight it.

It is upto all of us to prove them wrong.

We MUST be adventurous. We must live, we must be free. If we succumb to fear, we will live in fear.

A woman, man or child has the right to travel home at 3 am. The CM is wrong.

Zubin Driver

Founder, FIGHT-BACK.

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